Akahoshi Inc.’s Corporate Image

A New Corporate Image Towards a New Generation

Rapid innovation is advancing in all fields of industry today. And corporate needs are increasingly diversifying and individualizing, demanding “lighter,” “stronger” and “more durable” products. Since our founding, Akahoshi has provided valuable nonferrous metal processing with the mottos “customer-orientation” and “quality-focus,” and has answered to various needs and expectations. And now, in this rapidly changing age, we are currently engaged in developing high technologies that will speedily answer all corporate needs and creating a production system that brings together all such technologies. We believe that our company’s raison d’être is to “achieve uniquely distinguishing work we can pride ourselves in” and that this is the ultimate way in which we can make the best of what we do.

A leading company of nonferrous technology-worldwide.
this is the corporate image that Akahoshi aims to achieve in preparation for the new generation.