Company History

1946: Established in Choshi, Chiba
   (Fitting-out of electrical systems on ships/ sales of mechanical parts)
1947: Registered as Choshi Electric Machinery Company
1962: Ichihara Factory established. Manufacturing of plant equipment begun.
1965: Company name changed to Akahoshi Steel Works
1967: Full change in business line to nonferrous metal processing
1976: Authorized as bonded factory/class 1 pressure vessel manufacturing plant
1982: Company name changed to Akahoshi Company
1989: Head office and factory moved to current location
1998: Nagara Factory built
   ISO9001 JQA-2430 Welded nonferrous structures (electrolytic cells) certification obtained
2000: License for blender silo manufacturing
   and sales obtained from the Fuller Company in the U.S.A.
2005: Full-fledged outsourcing of general purpose equipment production begun
2007: Entrusted with contract research on new welding technology (plasma welding)
   by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2008: Mobara Factory built
2009: Grand Prize won at the Chiba “Genki Jirushi” Company Awards
2010: Staff joined by one “Yellow Ribbon Medal” winner and one
   “Chiba-ken no meiko (Master Craftsman of Chiba Prefecture)”
2011: “Best Company Award”
   won in the Chiba Prefecture Keiei Kakushin (Business Innovation) Awards
2012: Exhibited at the 16th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo
2013: Honored “Excellent Company Award” from The Medium and Small Business Research Institute
2015: Futtsu Factory built
2016: ISO9001 JQA-2430 the Design, Manufacture and Service for Nuclear Power Generation Facilities obtained